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Peace Lily Houseplant

Peace lilies are sturdy plants with glossy dark green oval leaves that narrow to a point. Price includes free uk delivery by royal mail first class post.

We tell you about warmth humidity and sunlight because many people have trouble after taking a peace lily as a gift. Place indoor lime trees out of your pet's reach. Peace lilies have wide leaves that accumulate dust.

Clean leaves are favorable to healthy growth. This is usually in the spring and summer when sunlight intensities increase and the days are warmer and longer.

The foliage is easily recognized over most other peace lilies as it fills the pot with distinctive lance-shaped leaves.

I'VE I Propagation is difficult.

Try watering a peace lily as a gift. In low light conditions of the interior environment have reduced fertilizer requirements. They would hurry up and die. Clean the air you breathe and connect you to the natural world. Propagation is difficult. The fig is adjusting to life indoors after a summer outdoors.

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